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5 (Un)Gentle Suggestions on How to Get a Reality Check When You've Romanticized the Past

I have a vivid memory of my mother from my childhood. I think of it often. She's folding laundry in her bedroom, and I'm chattering on about something as she holds out a fitted sheet. We each take our respective corners, create a crease and bend them in neatly while I continue talking. In complete unison, we fold the sheet.

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Why Being a Peaceful Christian Doesn't Mean Being a Pushover

Do you REALLY know the difference between prayerful and pushover?

If you’ve lived with an addict, you may have found yourself becoming the unofficial peacemaker. You learned how to manage tension and prevent tempers from flaring. You may push away your feelings or overlook wrong behaviours because your world revolves around keeping other people happy.

If you’re like I was, you probably didn’t see it in the beginning (or now!). But the "peacemaker" mentality is more than likely there.

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Keep Still and Let God

Picture yourself standing on the edge of a cliff of a tall mountain. 

It's dark outside and the earth is quiet. You hear only a few crickets and the wind as it gently whistles through the trees. There is no one around, it's only you and God...

What would you do? 

You would be still. 

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