a video course on bad boundaries to have with loved ones struggling with addiction
UnBound Me a course on boundaries


I always wanted to be one of those super-calm, quiet, gentle women who simply said, "Suit yourself," when my husband would push my boundaries in his addiction.

I wasn't.

I was angry. And scared. And sad. And angry again. 

I kept being told to make boundaries, but I didn't know what they were!

I made appointments with counsellors and pastors, read books and learned all I could about healthy boundaries but no matter what I did, nothing felt like it was working. 

The only thing I knew for sure was what I was doing made me feel I was going CRAZY! 

His addiction was turning me into someone I wasn't- and didn't like. So I decided to put a stop to it once and for all.


Unfortunately, you have missed out on snatching the free, interactive class!

Breaking Up with Bad Boundaries is now available for purchase as a short, self-paced video series outlining the top six mistakes we make (that I made!) when it comes to creating, living out and enforcing personal boundaries around a loved one's addiction. 

Join over 500 other women who have said, “Goodbye,” to their bad boundaries.

It’ll be the best breakup you’ve ever had!

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About Leah Grey

Hello, I'm Leah Grey. 

Christian wild-child turned hope-giver, blogger and founder of Grey Ministries.

Canadian-born, I now live in the greater New York City area (a.k.a. New Jersey) with my two handsome sons, sweet baby girl and latin-lover husband. 

Best known for an honest, faith-based approach, I enjoy challenging popular beliefs about addiction to support, encourage and empower women with loved ones who struggle with or are in recovery from, addictions. I have written for multiple publications including ‘The Huffington Post,’ ‘The Mighty’ and ‘To Love, Honor and Vacuum’ and was the national grand-prize winner of The Word Guild’s ‘In the Beginning’ Contest in 2017 for emerging Christian writers for my soon-to-be published non-fiction No One Brings You a Casserole When Your Husband Goes to Rehab and a screenplay.

Since its launch in 2016, Grey Ministries has rapidly grown to over 100,000 yearly readers and continues to grow daily; offering both free and paid eCourses, Bible studies and more. You can find me for virtual coffee dates and high-fives on Facebook, Twitter or my jam, Instagram.

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