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Imagine what it would feel like to be free from the bondage of someone else's addiction to become the woman God designed you to be.

Empowered. Brave. Royal. 

Leah Grey Be Still Study

The Be Still Series is twelve weeks to emotional freedom for women with loved ones struggling with addiction.  

Are you overwhelmed with family responsibilities and have no time left for yourself?

Has life with your addicted loved one become a rollercoaster, moving from one disaster to the next?

Do you wish you had somebody, anybody else's life, but your own? 


In "The Be Still Series" you'll learn how to find the woman God made you to be. Your identity is not defined by your circumstances- it was formed by God.



What You'll Learn:

 How to get rid of repetitive, anxious thoughts

  Find confidence in who God made you to be (and what He has called you to do!)

 Ways the enemy steals your peace and how to get rid of him

 How to use the power of patience to change your circumstance

  How to emotionally detach from a painful situation or problem

 Exercises to let go of emotional baggage 

...And so much more!


Bible Study Be Still and Know

Peek Inside

Be Still Series Lesson Two

Low-stress! One lesson, one hour each week to focus on.

Be Still Series Lesson One

Actionable exercises and worksheets for each teaching. 

Lesson One Be Still Series2

Dig deeper into the Word of God for a fresh perspective. 

Lesson Three Be Stil Series 2

Journaling prompts for self-study to take each lesson deeper. 

Preview Be Still Series

Simple digital downloads to your computer.


Fully optimized for easy reading on your smartphone or tablet.

Leah Grey Be Still Series Tablet

Leah Grey Printable Worksheet Be Still Series

Printable worksheets (or save the planet and fill them out online!) 

Who Is The Be Still Series For?

The Be Still Series is not about addiction. It's about you. Addiction was the broken place where God taught me to trust Him but it was never about addiction. It was always about what He wanted to show me. The Be Still Series can help if you're:


+ Feeling lonely or isolated

+ Struggling with anxiety or depression

Having marital problems

+ Feeling overwhelmed

+ Carrying baggage from your past

+ Addiction issues for a loved one or yourself

+ Hindered by insecurity

+ Not walking in God's purpose for your life

+ Prone to negative self-talk

...and much more!


Testimonial for the Be Still Series

When you have a loved one struggling with an addiction your needs get put on the back-burner but it's possible to support your loved one without losing yourself, too.  

• I promise God is showing up in your life, even when you can't see Him, and this is not the life He wants for you. 

• The Be Still Series is so much more than just a Bible study, it's a personal workshop for Christian women struggling to trust God in really tough circumstances. The struggle is real- but so is the solution!

•  I have been through hard season after hard season. If God can teach me how to have peace in the midst of all my troubles, He'll do it for you too. God never turns away a willing heart. 

• This is not a hoity-toity bible study with fancy bible lingo. It's real talk for real women with real big problems. 


Get all twelve weeks for $60. 

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Bible Study for Women With Loved Ones Who Struggle With Addiction
Be Still Series Testimonial

I sincerely want you to be happy with your purchase. If you're not satisfied with the Bible Study or you feel it hasn't helped you, email me at hello@greyministries.com and I will promptly issue you a refund. 

Hello, I'm Leah Grey. Blogger & Founder of Grey Ministries

I'm a real small-town girl who moved to New York City full of hopeful aspirations until my husband went into long-term treatment for addiction. Unable to afford to stay, I picked up my childhood dreams and moved back home to my rural, Canadian beach town with my two young boys. From rooftop city skyline views to my parent’s basement, in the darkest time of my life, I created Grey Ministries to support, encourage and empower women with loved ones who struggle with addiction.

Behind the scenes, I'm a decorating nut, healthy food lover and have the softest, most unfriendly cat ever, Stella.

I want you to know you're not alone. No matter how difficult or hopeless your situation seems you can be happy, peaceful and trust God to use it for your good. I'll show you how!


"The Lord will fight for you; You need only to be still." -Exodus 14:14

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Take the next twelve weeks to focus on the relationship that matters most. Nurturing a close relationship with God will give you more joy, fulfillment and peace than anything else on this earth. 



Bonus! Join the "Colour Me Happy" Community.

A faith-based peer support group for women with loved ones who struggle with addiction.

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Free Guide! Top Ten (Super Easy) Tips to Stress Less


"Top Ten (Super Easy) Tips to Stress Less"

Super Easy tips to reduce stress free guide


"The Lord Will Fight for You;

You Need Only to Be Still"

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Frequently Asked Questions Be Still Series

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Bible Study?

The Series is twelve weeks long with one lesson a week. Each lesson will be easily doable in one day with actionable steps for you to take for the week.

Where can I purchase The Be Still Series?

For a detailed outline of each lesson and to purchase the series go to: GreyMinistries.com/Shop. Subscribers save over 15% with a special discount code!

What currency is the price in?

The price is in American Dollars as the services I use for the website and marketing are American companies and it makes it easier for me to pay them without exchange rates, etc.

How long will I be able to access the study?

You'll have 24 hours to download the Bible Study and once you do, it's yours forever!

What makes The Be Still Series different from any other Bible study?

The steps in the series were created for women in crisis situations. Most Bible studies are created for "normal" Christian walks and often, the advice doesn't practically apply to our lives. Special circumstances require an special study!

What if I have questions or need help with something?

Join the "Colour Me Happy" Community to ask questions and be supported on your journey. You can also email me directly at hello@leahgrey.com and I'll respond as quickly as I'm able.

Is the, "Colour Me Happy" Community actually private?

Yes! It's 100% private. No one from your personal Facebook account will be able to see what you post, like or share.