boundary course for wives of addicts


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Leah Grey

Hello, I'm Leah Grey. 

Coffee. Fashion. Jesus. Oh, and addiction. 

Addiction isn't something I thought I would spend my life writing about. I was a hairstylist! A struggling single mother working hard just to get by with my precious blessing from God (my son!).

I had dreams of climbing the fashion world's lustrous career ladder but God had other plans; One tall, dark and handsome man, two moves to New York City and a love story I could never forget.

Now, I spend my days beautifying souls instead of heads. And you know? I'm so much happier than I was before. God blessed my life again (another son!) and I can say with confidence that today, I am happily married. Addiction and happy are not usually words we put together. But that's God for ya'. He takes our messy and somehow makes us better than we were before.

Beautiful messes. The daughters of a King. He loves you so much! Want to find your happy? Stick around!