"For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." -John 1:17 (KJV)


1. There is only one true God. He's not singular but a Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. He is Love. 

2. Jesus Christ is the resurrected son of God. He came to earth to bring peace and salvation from sin. 

3. The Bible is the Word of God and therefore the instructions for our lives. There are not mistakes by human error.

4. God made us in His image. We are his children. When we commit our lives to Him our righteousness is redeemed. Now, that's pretty cool. 

5. God will forgive us of our sins and we will spend eternity with Him in heaven if we obey His Word. 

6. We can't have the mind of God without The Holy Spirit living in us and working through us. Therefore, baptism in the Holy Spirit is an important step for every believer. 

7. God intended for us to have an intimate relationship with Him, not a legalistic religion. He gave us His Holy Spirit so we could have that deep, personal relationship with Him. 

8. Miracles, signs and wonders are not just stories from the Bible, they're alive and well today.    

9. We're here to love people because God is Love (again, we can't be like Him without the Holy Spirit- because we simply can't love everyone by our own will!). It's our responsibility, as believers, to tell people how much God loves them.  

10. Jesus is going to illuminate the sky and return to earth. God will annihilate sin and restore the earth to it's intentioned Holiness. 

addiction and relationships:

1. Addiction is a sin, a spirit and controllable habit.

2. Addiction often co-exists with mental illness which is not a sin or controllable habit. 

3. Believers have increased accountability and responsibility for their actions. 

4. An abusive relationship should never be tolerated and the abuser will be just fine living in their car. 

5. Pornography is cheating and counts as an extramarital affair.  

6. Only the most brave and courageous can exercise tough love- be that.

7. Addiction can be healed through prayer and faith of friends and family, even if the person isn't interested in salvation. However, recovery is hard work and it will be their choice to remain healed. 

8. If an addict is saved but then relapses, they won't lose their salvation. However, if they continually return to their old ways and turn their backs on God, they will.  

9. The tough decisions are the right decisions.

10. If God blessed the marital union, we have an obligation to our spouses to love them and support their recovery. We can leave the chaos without abandoning them. 

11. If God blessed the marital union, we supported our loved ones in their recovery and they turn their backs on God, we are under no obligation to walk their wrong path. Abandonment, abuse and adultery are all just cause for divorce. 

12. We need to be diligent in praying protection and bondage-breaking prayers over children. They need extra love and extra hugs if they're in a home affected by addiction. Pay special attention to them and they'll be the fruit of our faith. 


1. We are amazing.

2. We were also created in God's image- not just "Adam".  

3. We were created to be equal partners with "Adam" and have dominion over the earth and all it's animals.

4. Women are the "Helpmates". The Holy Spirit came to be "The Helper". We can be more in-tune with the whisperings of the Holy Spirit than men because of our sensitive nature. God created us this way. 

5. We've been oppressed and targeted by the enemy since the beginning- that's not a coincidence. As women rise up in business and leadership positions across the world it's obvious we're a force to be reckoned with.

6. Our sensitive nature doesn't make us weak, it gives us superpowers to understand all facets of a situation. 

7. We have a deep, powerful, inner-strength society doesn't give us credit for. Know it's there. It's awesome. 

8. We are beautiful and that's nothing to be ashamed of. We need to stay conscious to be as beautiful on the inside as we are on the outside. 

9. We don't have to be married to be whole, we just need Jesus. 

10. We're best as a community. We need to empower other women, educate each other and lift one another up to break glass ceilings and steeples!