Bible Studies

Available in two different price points, Bible studies from Grey Ministries are not your typical read! Packed full of value, our Bible studies include worksheets, journalling prompts, exercises and challenges all directed toward women in crisis situations. 


This short read is available as an eBook on or, click here to purchase a physical copy on Amazon (because we all love the smell of a new book, right?!).



It’s FINALLY here! Registration is currently open for the next UnBound Me session!


GRACIE Prayer Blankets

Leah Grey recently had a baby (yay!). Due to time constraints (a.k.a. her hands are full of baby diapers, spit-up and sloppy kisses) she will not be making new GRACIE blankets this year. However, as the Good Lord has said, "Behold, I do a new thing!" and we're happy to introduce to you "GRACIE blanket DIY kits!".

Each kit comes with enough wool to make your own small blanket, as well as an extra 10% coupon you can use on anything in our store. If you'd like to make a larger blanket, no problem! Order two DIY kits for a large blanket.

GRACIE blankets are the perfect, thoughtful gift for a new baby, wedding, birthday or Christmas (which is coming soon)!

 handknit giant wool prayer blanket
 Giant wool prayer blanket
 merino wool blanket