Women's Black Tee - LTA 2018

Women's Black Tee - LTA 2018



It’s more than a t-shirt.

We believe:

• Addiction is a symptom of a deeper problem, not the core problem in and of itself.
• People who struggle with addictions are normal, everyday people.
• Addiction doesn't discriminate when it comes to race, social class, or family status.
• Boundaries are important, detachment is important, but not every situation calls for "kicking them out" or "leaving them".
• Family is worth trying to save.
• God is bigger than addiction!

If you agree with us, please join our movement!

Be sure to take a photo and tag us @greyministries or #lovetrumpsaddiction on Instagram so we can thank you!

Learn more at https://greyministries.com/lta


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