Freedom Package: 12 Month Payment Plan

Freedom Package: 12 Month Payment Plan


Make twelve easy payment of $36 as you bundle and save $100 on our top three resources.

This package includes:


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Did you know our top three products were meant to go together? Like stepping stones, we walk with you from finding peace, to identifying damaging mistakes, to making and living out life-changing personal boundaries.

The Be Still Series

Whatever you're going through, whether currently addiction-related or not, the lessons you'll find in The Be Still Series will lay a firm foundation for anything life throws at you.

12 lessons + digital workbook

Breaking Up with Bad Boundaries

We don’t want to admit it, but we have to take responsibility for our part in the chaos in order for it to change. Over 500 women have taken this video series and usually, the response goes a little something like this, “Ahh, I do that!”.

6 videos + 1 bonus video + digital workbook

UnBound Me

UnBound Me is our signature video series on everything you need to know to make life-changing boundaries that actually work.

21 videos + 2 bonus videos + private Facebook group + daily digital worksheets





Breaking Up with Bad Boundaries Video Series

Our signature online course, UnBound Me



  • Fully optimized for smartphone/tablet

  • Download to your home computer and fill out your homework online (save the trees!)

  • There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. Not happy with your purchase? No problem! Email for a full refund

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Why you won’t regret making this investment into your well-being and future.

I want to encourage you that Unbound Me will change everything for you. The boundaries that you aren’t sure exactly how they could apply to your situation or you feel like won’t stick for whatever reason, you’ll find freedom in the course. Get ready for the lifeline God wants to throw your way!!
— UnBound Me Live Session Student
I wish I had known this 20 years ago, wow! What a healthier me I would be today.
— Breaking Up with Bad Boundaries Live Attendee
Something that stuck with me is to be vulnerable with God! I wrote down my heartbreak and what I learned through them, my strengths and some single words that would describe me. I wrote down quite a few and I’m very proud I came up with so many. One thing God has given me through my heartbreak is determination - the power to never give up!
— Colour Me Happy Member
I just went through the UnBound me course on setting boundaries and it was AMAZING. EVERYONE needs to go through this course!
— UnBound Me Live Session Student
Just began the Series and it is already speaking to my soul. I have failed my faith over these last years while dealing with the many issues that come with living with a spouse that is untreated for dual diagnoses and has decided on top of that to become an atheist. My anger got the best of me for a long time, but no more. I am finally feeling freedom as I stop enabling, began a separation and turn my attention on healing my soul and my daughters. Thank you for writing this series.
— Colour Me Happy Member
I absolutely love your thoughts, videos and opinions on bad boundaries. They don’t change my circumstances, but they help me see more clearly from a Godly perspective; one that draws me closer to God and into his peace. Thank you so much.
— Breaking Up with Bad Boundaries Live Attendee
I reluctantly bought the Unbound Me video series at the beginning of the summer with the little money I had left after my husband left on yet another month long binge...drinking, gambling, drugs. I wasn’t sure how I’d feed my three kids but knew I needed to help myself in a tangible way. It literally changed my life and was the best choice I’ve ever made.
— UnBound Me Student