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Dear Diary: Wall to Wall

Here we go again. I don't know if I'm ranting and rambling on or if my thoughts are some kind of trigger from warped perspective but regardless I have plenty to say. 

Here I am. New York City. Watching people chase their dreams while I sit idly by. What are you expected to do when you're doing nothing? Find something to do, right? Yet, I feel blocked, surrounded by invisible walls I likely created.

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Dear Diary: It's Time For Me to Go

As moving day approaches I've been feeling my anxiety rear it's ugly head.

There are specific times in my life when I felt this way. I could tell you about each one in ridiculously accurate detail but I’ll spare the specifics. What I will say is that like all the other times I'm feeling panicky and seeing myself quick to anger, waking up irritable and becoming frustratingly clumsy. Why is it that you always have to stub your toe or get your shorts caught in the door when you’re already upset (Yes, that just happened!)??!! Anxiety is a terrible thing. 

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Dear Diary: I'm Moving to New York

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

I saw a quote once in a magazine by Calista Flockhart that always stuck with me; she said, "The way the world underestimates me will be my greatest weapon". I could see how she would be underestimated. I'm certain throughout her school years she was skinny, small and likely awkward. With her baby-fine hair and her bird-like features she would of matured awkwardly into the uniquely beautiful woman she is today. 

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