Fresh Adventure: You Deserve a Vacation from Addiction

Does your loved one have an addiction? This is why you need a vacation! Join Grey Ministries as we go over three ways to have a vacation from their addiction and TAKE A BREAK. Really, you deserve it. You need it.

Have you heard the saying, “Put on your own oxygen mask first”?

If you’ve been on an airplane, you have! It’s counter-intuitive to help yourself before your children but the truth is, we cannot help anyone until we help ourselves. If Mommy is laying in the aisle, who will help the kiddos? It’s the same in addiction. Put on your own oxygen mask first!

A loved one’s addiction can become so consuming there is no time, no money, no energy left for ourselves.

So, I think you need a vacation. 

Like, yesterday. 

It really doesn’t matter where they are in their addiction, recovery, what have you. You need one. 

You can choose to do this vacation with them, without them, near or far but either way, I want to encourage you to put this in your mind as something you’re going to do for yourself. That may mean you start to save or plan for your vacation today, but let’s get that ball rolling, shall we?!

There are many things we can do to have a vacation that don’t have to cost a lot of money but if you’re able- you deserve to spend some money on yourself. Dip into your savings and take the kids to Disney with a friend. Yes, I’m saying that.

You have to live or you will die with them.

(Wow, I just got super morbid there. It’s true, though!)

Oh, Canada

Because my parents live in Canada, it’s always been fairly easy for me to “get away” at the drop of a hat. When I needed a vacation, all I had to do was go home alone. Problem solved! I wouldn’t be spending a lot of money on food, no hotels, it made it very easy. 

I know not everyone is an expat like myself so taking a vacation may need a little more planning for you. 

Staying with Friends or Family 

This is the most cost-effective way to “get away”. Think about finding your long-lost cousins, distant grandparents, or that great old aunt who you never see! No, kidding. But really, you could visit some family who lives far away. Even going a few hours away can be far enough. It doesn’t have to be another country. 

Also, your friends and family don’t need to know what’s going on. Don’t feel like you have to spill the beans just because you’re staying with them. You need a vacation, want to see where they live, that’s all! 

My husband and I are always having visitors. We love to host people, we know how expensive it can be to visit New York City and if they can stay with us and save a bundle, it’s much better for them. If they want to make me dinner one night to say thank you, I won’t say no!

Win, win!

So think about who you have or haven’t seen in awhile. It could be time for a weekend visit! 

Get Rugged

Being Canadian, I am a little bit country. In Canada, I am not country at all and I’m much more on the fancy side but here in New York, I’m country. My new friends are forever surprised about my “handiness”. 

“What?! You plastered the ceiling on your own?!”

“What?! You did your own landscaping?!”

“What?! You cut your own grass?!”

Ha! Maybe not the last one, that’s only my neighbours. They all have landscapers who come rake their leaves, trim their hedges and mow their lawns! But I don’t cut grass. I’ve only ever done it once in my life (see, not country!). I make that my husband’s job. Plus, he bought an electric lawnmower with a cord. Gah! Any chances I was going to mow the grass left when he came home with that.

Being as “rugged” as I apparently am, I enjoy camping. It might be awfully chilly to be out camping where you are but depending on where you live, this could be a great way to get away! 

A tent costs almost nothing. You can be one with nature and look at the stars, roast some cancerous, chemical-filled chicken hot dogs, don’t have to worry about having dirty hair (read- dry shampoo), putting on your makeup or really, anything. There are no worries when camping. Plus, being in nature is scientifically relaxing! God did that. He is so cool, isn’t He?

Unless you camp where there are bears and mountain lions and snakes, of course, but don’t let that scare you! Get some bear spray, bring your Bible, you’ll be alright. Praise Jesus.

If not, I suppose it was nice to know you. Please don’t mention this article when your left leg is hastily devoured by a bear. Read our legal disclaimer here. :)

Be a Fancy-Pants

On the flip side, Mamacita, you deserve this break. Think about how much money they spent on their addiction. Okay? Got a number? Now, consider the price of two nights in a hotel and four meals (we’re looking for something with a complimentary breakfast, of course). 

Addiction- $20,000+

Hotel for Mental Health Break- $500

Seems like pennies, doesn’t it? 

Grab your fancy bathing suit, your sunhat, I don’t care if it’s sunny or not, your biggest sunglasses, a couple lounge dresses, some red lipstick and book yourself a room! Preferably in a hotel that has a spa. 

Bring your kiddos if you have to. I used to take my son to hotels for “adventures”. We would bring microwave popcorn, watch movies, swim and eat breakfast. It was a blast! 

Think about it-

  • No cleaning. 

  • No cooking. 

  • Swimming. 

  • Spa.

  • Hot tub.

Need I say more? Sigh!

The Poor Woman’s Vacation

All that said, I know that finances can be stretched in addiction. Next, we’re going to talk about how to have the most amazing “staycation”. It’ll feel like you got away! Promise. 

You can have that fresh adventure right from your home. 

Until next time, 

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