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Dear Diary: Stuck in the Muddy Mess of Recovery

Hello, there!

If you've been following along in The Grey Diaries series, you'll know that my husband was set to come home from treatment and I was pretty nervous! This diary entry is a few months post-treatment and we're trying to work things out, or rather, I'm trying to work things out and my husband trying to deal with it! 

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Letter to the Wife of a Sex Addict

Dear wife of the sex addict,

Good morning, sweet lady. What’s good about it, though, right? Your whole world has been shaken, and you’re not even sure you can force yourself to put one foot in front of the other, much less agree that it’s a “good” morning. I know.

Betrayal takes everything.

Everything you once knew and everything you once treasured is just... gone. All that was sure is no longer sure and you don’t understand. You feel lost... broken... lonely.

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