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The Ghosts of all the Things We've Done Wrong

My son read, “Because of Winn Dixie” in school. Have you read it? I hadn't heard of it. I told him when he finished we would watch the movie together. What a great movie it was! I mean, a bit cheesy acting, but an excellent premise. 

Sorry if this is all old news for you but it’s the first time I’d seen or heard of it. 

One of the scenes really got to me. Gloria, a nearly blind older woman, took Opal to her tree filled with bottles to teach her a lesson on judgement and forgiveness. 

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Mothers of Addicts: There is Hope for Recovery

There is no struggle like that of a mother whose child is an addict. When someone you love struggles with addiction, it is nearly impossible to simply cut ties, especially if that person happens to be your own child. Chances are, you feel overwhelmed — your life turned upside down by your current family situation — but there is hope for a better future, even when things seem bleak.

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