Fresh Adventure: Staycation 101

Would you love to take a vacation but it’s just not in the cards right now? Maybe your finances make you unable to take a vacation? New baby is making it difficult to travel or take off? No problem! Have a #staycation! Here are some tips and guidelines to make a super amazing staycation right from home!

What is a “staycation” and how does it work? 

Okay, well the name is super obvious but it’s having a vacation wherever you are!

I’d like to preempt by saying that my children and I have lived in my parent’s basement, in a 650 square foot apartment, a high-rise, and also a single family home- you can have a staycation anywhere. 

I’m going to assume you have children because the majority of the readers here are married and in their twenties and thirties. If you don’t have children, so much easier.

Staycation Rule #1- Bedtime

There are no bedtimes. You heard me. No bedtime. Those kiddos are going to stay up and it’s going to be fine. Going to flow with their natural rhythm for one weekend (within reason). That might mean they stay up later than normal but with any luck, they’ll also sleep in!

Rule #2- Mealtime

Food Option 1-

You will order in food or cook a frozen meal. There is no cooking on a staycation. Prepare your meals ahead of time, you can even cook your meals ahead of time and freeze them but for this weekend, you will not cook! 

Food Option 2-

Slow cooking and great food all weekend. Cook a gourmet meal from scratch. Put a roast in a slow cooker. Roast a chicken on the barbeque. Making meals doesn’t have to be stressful, let’s enjoy the process! 

Rule #3- Take Photos

Take pictures- lots of them! 

We always take photos of our vacations so to make this staycation authentic, I want you to take photos! 

I love to take Polorids and string them up but you could also take pictures on your phone or digital camera and make a scrapbook or photo album of your vacation. Pick a special spot in your home ahead of time to put your favourite photo from your weekend! 

Rule #4- No Complaining

No talking about your current problems. This is a fun weekend. Seal those lips. 

Rule #5- Hugs, Please

Hugs instead of everything.

Anytime you have a mood, maybe the kids are not listening, your spouse did something dumb, your boss made you upset- you’re going to give them (or someone else if your boss is not a hugger!) a hug, No yelling. No crying. Just hugs. 

Rule #6- Quiet Mornings

Have quiet mornings. 

Grab your Bible, your coffee or tea, your oatmeal or yogurt (whatever your breakfast is!) and spend your mornings quiet. You can do this with your children if they’re staycationing with you! Quiet morning devos for thirty minutes. 

If you do yoga or run, make these a priority. 

Rule #7- Make a Tent

You must make a blanket tent, even if you have no children. I do not care how old you are. 

Bonus points if you make a tent and it has twinkle lights. 

Rule #8- Technology Time

Electronics are okay. I repeat, electronics are okay. 

We’re always bashing electronics but you know what? I get some of my best ideas from the hours I was scouring Pinterest or spent time talking to the women in Colour Me Happy. So be on your phone. It’s okay. Let the kids play on a tablet (within reason). Just relax for one weekend.

You don’t have to do and be it all. Just be. Period. 

Rule #9- Feminine Connection

Option 1-

If things are good with you and your spouse, have some sexy time- just for you! That’s right. Put on your lipstick, pull up your boobies and tell him you’re one hot mama and he should appreciate you. 

Sheila Wray Gregoire from To Love Honor and Vacuum recently did a series on how women’s needs are not being sexually fulfilled- I think it’s great. Read it here! This is your vacation. Soak it in and make your pleasure a priority. 

“Kids, go play in the tent. You can take the tablet.” 

Ah-ha. Now you see why we have a tent! 

*wink *wink

Option 2-

If your spouse and you are not good and you need to reconnect with that inner tigress, find her! Do some pampering, buy yourself something pretty, put on the lipstick just for you. Think- body exfoliant, skin treatments, hair masks. 

Option 3-

Maybe you need a break from sexy time? Do it! No man in the world is going to die or stray from one weekend without sex and if he does, let him go because he wasn’t a good one to begin with. Bye, Felicia. 

Rule #10- Check Your Activities

My weekends are packed full of “activities”. My husband works hard during the week so household repairs often get crammed into one day. He picks up his son every other weekend, has men’s group, the boys both have sports practices and games, there’s church of course, the only chance I ever have of doing anything alone is also on the weekends. Anything we want to do together? Weekend. As such, our weekends are full- every weekend. 

A vacation for me is to not have any of these activities. While most people wait anxiously for their weekends, I dread mine! They’re the busiest, most stressful part of my week. In fact, I look forward to Mondays when the kids go back to school, my husband goes back to work and I can have some quiet time again. 

I realize this is a highly personal rule but I need to quit all the activities for one weekend. Mama needs a break! Maybe my husband can take them and I just won’t attend, but for it to be a real staycation for me, it would mean no activities. 

Maybe you need to plan an activity. Maybe your weekends are the same old, every weekend and you need to get out and do something fun. Go to a flea market, get a latte, go for a walk. 

Whatever the case, check your activities and be sure that they align with whatever it is you need.


Hopefully this was helpful for you to see how you can have a fresh adventure- right at home! 

Have you ever had a “staycation”? What are some things you did? Leave it in the comments below!

Until next time,

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