Using Your Blog for Ministry (Collaborative Interview)

"Using Your Blog for Ministry" Interview via. "A Little Light".

"Using Your Blog for Ministry" Interview via. "A Little Light".

The Interview

What is your definition of ‘writing for ministry’?

For me, ministering isn’t a “telling” it’s a “calling”. It’s writing the things that God quietly puts on my heart and says, “They need to know…” – Leah Grey

What makes your writing a ministry as opposed to simply writing to share information or story?

My story alone is pretty interesting but without God it’s just a story; It entertains but it won’t enlighten. I actually haven’t told the majority of it because the details aren’t necessary for God’s purpose. Telling the story of the hope and strength God has given me throughout what I’ve gone through is something else entirely. Right now, the world is talking a lot about addiction. Methadone clinics are popping up everywhere and taxpayers are spending good money to keep people “off drugs”. The story God gave me, the one He gave my husband, has the ability to inspire and change people’s perspective on hopelessness. It’s so opposite of what the world is saying, it simply has to be a ministry! 

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