Fresh Fashion: How to Create Your Everyday Uniform

Can you think of at least five, awesome outfits you like wearing and feel good in, down to the accessories, right now?  Today is all about “creating your uniform”.  Join us at Grey Ministries as we take ONE YEAR to freshen up our entire lives (inside and out!). January is all about the clothing, how to clean out your closet, how to love your body and dress your body type and much, much more! Pin to save this post!

Can you think of at least five, awesome outfits you like wearing and feel good in, down to the accessories, right now?

Today is all about “creating your uniform”. 

As we get older, our personal style evolves and changes. What worked for us before doesn’t keep working. Like the short shorts we might have worn in high school or the club clothing from college. You may not still have these items in your closet, I don’t, but it can leave us in a style wonderland, not sure where to turn to “go home”. 

Your “home” is going to be this uniform. It’s really about finding your style for this decade. It should be something that feels good on your body, flatters your skin tone and shape, and you can easily dress up or down.

Once found, practice, plan, take pictures of it- perfect it! 

We’re going to start with winter because that’s the season we’re in. I’m assuming your winter is boot and jacket-friendly as I’m on the East Coast and it’s chilly here, but the temperature and thickness of your fabrics will obviously vary based on where you live.

  1. Think about your weekly lifestyle

  • Do you work five days a week?

  • Is your office attire dressy or casual?

  • Do you change out of your work clothing when you get home?

  • Are you home with small, messy, getting-into-trouble-and-licking-the-toilet-right-now children? (holla!)

Now, think about what you will need for your everyday wardrobe but as an example, a business-casual work uniform could consist of two dresses, three tops, two bottoms, two pairs of shoes and one bag. If you’re not working or have a messy job, you may want to remove the dresses and add in more pants or a jumper… or five pairs of silk pajamas.

Pajamas is on my list!

2. Think about what neutrals you like best.

The neutral colors are: black, dark grey, light grey, dark brown, light brown, camel, beige, cream, white, or navy blue. Some say leopard print can be a neutral but I consider it an accent or statement item.

Some neutrals will look better on different people. I look better in white than black and better grey than brown. You may also favour different neutrals over others.

My neutrals are black, light grey, cream and white. I don’t wear navy blue or dark brown often, even though they seem like the obvious “ginger colours”.

In theory, you can mix any neutrals together. Colour psychology is a real thing! The feeling you evoke and have will change with different combinations:

  • black and dark grey- kinda rockstar

  • brown and navy blue- soft and cozy

  • navy blue and light grey- so fresh

  • white and camel- light and bright

The combinations are endless. Pick three or four you like the best and let’s begin there!

3. Start a new board on Pinterest and start pinning everything you like that fits the description of “suits your lifestyle” in your neutrals.

You should see a pattern emerge of a “uniform” you can create from your board. 

Here’s my board and my final uniform:

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4. If you wanted to take this exercise further, you could now think about a colour scheme.

Having a smaller wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring and your personality still needs to come through for your personal style.

Mine is a mix between classic and rocker girl; a little bit Audrey Hepburn and a little bit Canadian hipster. I also don’t love colour. My dream house is totally white with all light wood! So my neutrals of black, light grey, cream and white work well. It makes me feel peaceful.

If I had a bohemian style, my neutrals would be browns and earthy, or a predominantly classic style might have more navy than black. 

Now that you have your neutrals, what are one or two other colors that you enjoy wearing?

I like light pink and occasionally, other pastels or muted colours. I don’t own anything bright, which is totally fine because it doesn’t look good on me. My hair is warm but my skin undertone is cool [Check out these videos from vlogger Aly Art to find your skin undertone and colour], which means it can be hard to find the right flattering colours, but a pastel always looks good.

We will continue this talk about colouring when we get into the bathroom series next month. 

5. Your “uniform” doesn’t have to be specific clothing, either. It can be a pair of shoes or a great bag you’re always wearing.

Think about your accessories as well, what do you love to wear and how does it work with your new uniform? 

With your “uniform” as a foundation, you’re now ready to build a winter capsule wardrobe that works with your lifestyle, suits your body and colouring, simplifies your day and helps you to feel your best! 

Women’s winter wardrobe starting point: 

(this should be super easy if you did your inventory!)

7 tops, 7 bottoms, one blazer, one cardigan or shrug, two dresses, two pairs of shoes/boots, one bag, two jackets, a scarf, gloves and hat if you’re in a cold climate. 

A note about winter accessories- they doesn’t have to match, they only need to compliment one another. 

Are you missing anything? [Like a “goes with everything” Grey Ministries Love Trumps Addiction tee, perhaps?] Write what you’re missing from your inventory down on your shopping list and keep your eyes peeled for the perfect piece to come along. Don’t be in a hurry to buy things! I’m saving up/searching for (on Poshmark!) a silk camisole to replace my torn black one. It can take awhile to build a long-lasting wardrobe, but it will save a lot of time and money in the long-run; especially if you can buy secondhand!

Next up, I’ll share my family’s capsule wardrobes (because I couldn’t hold off and did the kid’s first!) to give you an idea of how to build your own, what it is exactly and how it’s going to help save you time, money and energy!

Catch you on the “fresh” side!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

It was a lame pun.

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