Fresh Foodie: The Ultimate Kitchen Clean-Out- Part Two (and three)

The kitchen is the hub and heart of any home but what happens when the kitchen is a hot mess?!  Our kitchen is small, old, and extremely dysfunctional. It needs a renovation, it cannot be helped much without one. Although we’re saving our pennies and a renovation is in our future, it’s important to my husband and I that we can pay for it and we’re not accumulating more debt.  We did the Dave Ramsey “Debt Snowball” method and we’re planning to be debt free (with the exception of our leased car which we cannot make extra payments on and our mortgage) by the end of 2019. Likely, it’ll be a lot sooner but we are renovating our kitchen!

As you may, or may not, know I no longer have a kitchen to clean out so this month’s posts didn’t exactly help my productivity. I spent days trying to rearrange everything into dysfunctional cupboards and then ended up removing it all and throwing it all in my home office!


So that’s actually where it’s all sitting right now. I’m trying to organize and my house is getting messier by the second. I’m not complaining, I’ll be very happy to have our kitchen renovation finished but in the meantime, we now live out of boxes!

Our kitchen renovation has taught me a lot about how our family eats.

First things first, I buy so many unnecessary products!

I’m not buying things anymore without having a real use for it- I don’t care if it’s on sale! If doomsday comes and we don’t have enough canned goods to eat, I’ll move into the wilderness and learn how to hunt squirrels or something because I’m not buying more groceries.

Most canned goods are only “good” for a couple years anyway. Same goes for seeds. So what’s the point in stockpiling expiring food? I think we’re much better off saving the money and having a wad of cash for doomsday than a pile of expired food.

I’m going to get to money by the way. prepare yourself. Fresh finances, it’s coming.

We all know that’s most people’s personal doomsday! (Not the money! Talk about anything but the money!)

Yep. We’re going to talk about the money.

But today, we’re still talking about freshening up your kitchens! (phew!)

If you missed part one of the kitchen clean up, you can read and watch it here:

Otherwise, check out video two below and be sure to leave me a comment on what YOU are committing to do as you freshen up your kitchen this spring.

Ideas to freshen up your kitchen:

• a new coat of paint/touch up the trim

buy a new BPA free, organic bamboo cutting board

• go shopping at second-hand stores and get some old teacups to plant succulents in, line them up along your kitchen window

• get yourself a cool tin or container from a thrift store and fill it with authentic French wooden spoons

• throw out all your expired cans of doomsday food! (ha, ha, ha)

• totally overhaul and reorganize the kitchen (obviously) and then tag us with #freshminimalism!

• replace one of your outdated small appliances (we need a new toaster so bad!)

stencil your old floor

• Get yourself a Masterclass Dutch Oven (you can cook on the barbeque with it! YUM). I bought mine at Marshalls. It’s worth about $100 and I paid about $30 for it. It’s 100% cast iron and so, so perfect for making the bread I’m going to tell you about in the next post!



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